Section of International Law

The ABA Section of International Law (the Section) is the leader in the development of policy in the international arena, the promotion of the rule of law and the education of international law practitioners. The Section focuses on a full range of international legal issues and is involved in a wide variety of substantive legal activities.

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Our Section’s members are spread across over 100 countries, yet our work is conducted with a sense of close community across boundaries of all kinds. Our members find leadership opportunities and visibility in our more than sixty committees (some focused on specific subject matters, others on a geography or other affinity) and our growing number of active city chapters.

Our Programs

The Section hosts an Annual Conference in the Spring, rotating between Washington, DC and New York City. The Annual Conference includes three days of programming, various receptions and events and attracts about 1,000 participants from over 50 countries. The Section also hosts several international Standalone and International Forums each year. Standalone programs differ from Seasonal Meetings in that they are 1-2 days in length and host a smaller number of participants.

Around the Section of International Law

The Section's monthly newsletter with updates from the Chair and officers

Around the Section

Dear Colleagues,

We often focus on conferences from the logistical standpoint, but it is important to note their broader political, economic and social values. We rely on our committee work and the Section's overall mission to promote Rule of Law. These visits and conferences must be seen as the beginning, or continuation of a longer conversation that involves practitioners, businesses, government officials and the organized bar as we pursue the Section’s mission to offer assistance and training to, as well as to learn from, other jurisdictions.



The Section of International Law offers members more than 55 substantive committees covering a wide range of international legal topics.